14 March 2007

Precious Eternity

Made on 12/8/06, this was my little experiment with UTEE or Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. I use it in powder form, but have heard of it being "melted" in a pot!?! The product I have is Interference Blue made by Suze Weinberg. I'm anxious to purchase more colors since they can be mixed with a wide variety of results! Caution: they are NOT CHEAP. My jar holds 65 grams and measures about 2" x 2" for $9.25.

To make the card:
  • I took a blank ATC, covering 1/2 with clear "pigment" ink
  • Added 3-4 layers of UTEE, heated with embossing gun
  • Pressed a rubber stamp into it while warm
  • Added blue and green alcohol inks
  • covered the rest of the card with torn paper
  • cut another image, added a halo from a vintage "fortune teller's card"
  • metal embellishment
When I made this card, I had no particular "swap" or "trade" in mind - a rarity for me!! Typically the card would have a pre-determined destination before I even start since I usually make my cards AS NEEDED. So this lovely card was eventually traded to one of my favorite artists, Ingrid Dijkers and I received a beautiful card, in return!

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............Aimeslee said...

Love the experiments, Vick. And, creating the atc's the way you did this one is the best way, IMO. It's harder to get my arss in gear and do it, tho. ROFL