11 March 2007

technique: CRACKLE!!

Let me explain.....

My name is Vicki and I am an ATC addict!
In the early Spring of 2006 I discovered a book, my BIBLE actually, called "Artist Trading Cards - An Anthology of ATCs" which, truthfully, is still a much-used resource. It was put out by a wonderful company devoted to paper crafters, called Stampington & Company (www.stampington.com). My life hasn't been the same since! Just ask my friends and family!

This card, made on 3/5/07, showcases my very first attempt at a crackle technique using the following steps:
  • I painted the card green, let it dry somewhat
  • Spread crackle medium with my fingers. (quick crackle by Duncan)
  • To shorten drying time, I hit it with my embossing gun being careful not to allow the surface to bubble.
  • Added a swipe of gold acrylic paint, used embossing gun again.
  • Then sanded it off. I also added a little bit of Adirondack Mixatives in copper.


............Aimeslee said...

Hey, girlie! Remember when I wrote on my blog that YOU should have one, too? Well, goodonya! I went thru weeks of no one reading or commenting, but then slowly ya get readers, and now someone always leaves me a line or two. So hang in there and just keep posting like you are doing. I want a record of your genius with d'art!


cookievf said...

YES, as a matter of fact, I DO remember! Thanks for the encouragement, because it always stuck with me and now, here I am . And lovin' it!