30 April 2012

Art Journal Page 18APR2012

I had such a blast making my Month of March page!

Inspired by a new feature on Dawn DeVries Sokol's blog, called 10-minute-journaling, it was her first prompt called Time for a Quickie. She suggested we journal a LIST, highlight some of the words, the page could already have a doodle on it (it did, at the top), doodle some more, slap on a favorite photo and just re-LAX!

26 April 2012

Flea Haul

Some great finds from my first sunday this year at the "Elephant's Trunk" flea market!

Open since the 1970's and spread out over 55 acres, i think that one of the best features, besides being local, is that the merchandise is made up of more than 60% antiques and collectibles. If you plan to attend, the hours are 7AM to 2PM, cost: $2 and I recommend sun protection and comfortable shoes ~ since you will quickly lose track of time wandering aisle after aisle, chatting with all of the knowledgeable dealers & slipping into a time warp!   

1966 kitch-y calendar, 1972 farmer's almanac, california postcards-1953, old photos, sewing machine manual, mini "photo folders," hand-tied book of poetry, children's watercolor set, a bio of Marie Antoinette, some old books to alter and my two major coups: 1874 accountants journal with over 500 pages of meticulous writing and a bright orange astrology-themed metal tray ca. 1968! Link to flea market

22 April 2012

Art Journal Page 17April2012

i am evolving by cookievf
 i am evolving, a photo by cookievf on Flickr.
I Am Evolving

side panel reads:
"when i'm feeling frustrated, knowing this will bring me peace... and when i think i have to have all the answers, it will help me to slow down and enjoy the ride"

bottom left: paisley design was hand "carved" simply with pressure from a mechanical pencil on craft foam w/staz-on ink
hand painted paper: black & white acrylic paint, spot made with foam "spouncer"