15 October 2007

Skinny Alphabet Book - Outside Covers


Please feel free to join me on this GREAT challenge! There are about 25 of us who are making an Alphabet Skinny Book with keron leading the way! Just follow the link to her blog to read up on the first 4 weeks! So far she's done (3.5" x 7") pages for h, s, p & c! Some folks are doing a theme, with the hostess following a "My Fair Lady" theme!

Each week she'll post instructions, one letter at a time (no particular order) for 26 weeks. Keron will share ALL SORTS of ideas, tips & techniques to get your artistic juices flowing!


Mine is a different type of theme. The "thread" that runs through each page will be:

* lots of juicy colors
* my TOP favorite images (my grandmother at age 16)
* TONS of different embellishments (glass slides, vellum tags, vintage buttons, shipping tags, mesh, glitter, ribbon and I'm only on page 2!!!!!)

12 October 2007

My "heART ART"



The original painting was created by one of my favorite artists, Alphons Mucha (Czech 1860-1939). As you can see, it was my inspiration!

I use playing cards for the base of most of my artist trading cards. Look closely, through the layers of ink, and you can still see a "hint" of the Nine of Diamonds. It is one of hundreds of cards from my JUMBO playing card collection (of 10 decks) that I purchased for a few dollars at a garage sale in Vermont last fall. This supply should get me through the next decade!

I hope you will follow your inspirations today and put pen to paper and see what kind of magic happens! Set some time aside for your HEART to make ART. xo

03 October 2007

Recycle > Reuse > Rework

"please forgive me!"

The background on this sweet, little card started out as one that I didn't like AT ALL! Just some blue blobs of alcohol ink in a spotty fashion, with some of the original playing card showing through. Nothing spectacular, I assure you! I have a small collection of these cards and, rather than start with a blank canvas (or throw anything useful, away) I decided to "rework" this one and I must say, I am happy with the result!

Simply dab 1 dark and 1 light shade of acrylic paint onto the surface. I used vivid blue and bright yellow plus I always speed up the drying time by keeping my heat gun nearby! Next dab a dark shade (I used black) of distress ink or paint onto a section of bubble wrap (or anything textural) and play! Tip: less is more

Using a direct-to-paper method, I covered the entire card using my clear pigment ink pad and heat set the clear embossing powder. I repeat this step 2-3 times and get a smooth, glass-like effect.

Why not try it today? I think you're really going to like the look and feel of it!