23 March 2012

Art Journal Cover 9Mar2012

Enjoying Effy Wild's "Book of Days" course via the facebook group. I've found that not only is it convenient to have easy access to the lessons and videos as well as being in regular touch with her, but the community has turned out to be a blessing for all involved!

My book, as posted earlier, is an old Time-Life Book of Nature Photogrpahy and is approximately 10 x 10". The size is a bit large for me and, darn it, the pages are glued, not stitched. So I have been adding reinforced packing tape where-needed and that has worked out perfectly! I just used a few mixed letters from my chipboard collection, gessoed over the painted serface and just had a BLAST decorating with my sharpie paint pens, mini pom-pom fringe, etc!

04 March 2012

Art Journal Pages 3Mar2012

More from my altered book (earlier post) which spotlights MOTION, my word for the year. Although there's still a bit of journaling to be added, I think the imagery speaks the loudest! On the left i am focusing on the mind/body connection and on the right, "FLOW" is all about spiritual electricty!

Isn't it sweet the way the butterfly happened to "end up" on my shoulder? My mom always said when she dies, she'll come back to me as a butterfly... and she's still here. There are messages like this one, all around us, if we simply remain open to them.