31 October 2009

Happy Haunting!

I hope you scare up a little fun tonight!!

"When you hear the owls hooting,
Get your jack o' lantern out,
Put on your shroud and hurry,
For ghosts should be about."

"Enchanted Spirit" ATC

How I created the background: First I started with a heavy cardstock blank, to which I added a layer of acrylic paint mixed with glaze. This was to create a glossy "base" for alcohol ink application (red, yellow & copper). Final glaze was with Glitter Modge Podge before adhering image (some free vintage images here) printed from computer, matted word (DooDads by Tim Holtz) and mini bottlecap (like this) with UTEE (by Ranger Ink) and gold embossing powder. Edged with black Sharpie.

28 October 2009


59th - my valhalla
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Subtle light play,

an overcast day.

Mist adds to the mystery;

the imagery.

In the soft, low light ~

shimmering silver

on wisps of foam.


looks and feels so right.

Right here.

Right now.

I am alive & awake!

25 October 2009

Stretching Myself

For October, I am signed up for the first month of LK Ludwig's (online) POINT AND SHOOT journaling class. In the past I'd visited her blog and became even more intrigued when I purchased her book "True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling." Then you can imagine my reaction when I learned that she would be teaching an e-course!

LK is offering 31 days of inspirational techniqes, instruction and prompts. There are over 80 members signed up for the 1st month who hail from all over the globe. Here's a small sampling:

- longmont, colorado, usa
- georgia, usa
- winchester, england
- seatlle, wash, usa
- esperance, western australia
- portland, oregon, usa
- somewhere in belgium
- southern california, usa
- montreal, canada
- frederick, maryland, usa
- Brussels, Belgium
- idaho falls, idaho, usa
- erie, pennsylvanis, usa
- altamont, new york, usa
- lethbridge, alberta, canada
- near wellington, new zealand
- london, england

As I begin to dig down into the THOUSANDS of images I have stored on my computer, my teacher says I will be revisitng "notes from my super-creative, subconscious self." We will be adding our own thoughts & experiences as well as quotations & poems plus painting, scratching, coloring and who-knows-what!

So far, I am extremely pleased with the content of this course and highly recommend it. And I promise - pics and W-I-P to follow!

19 October 2009

Suzi Inspired!! MWAH!!

Anxious to try my hand at original art, I created this 4x4 with one of a few small pen sketches I did recently on a Post-it pad. I was inspired after watching Suzi Blu's workshop video for "The Goddess & The Poet" ~ (thanks, my friend!)

I JUST GOTTA TAKE THIS CLASS! For $55.00 you can sign up for it here.