11 April 2009

Happy (Hoppy) Easter

From my little corner of the world,
I wish you all the joys of spring, of hope and of renewal!

"The story of Easter is the story of God's
wonderful window of divine surprise."
~Carl Knudsen

"Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection,
not in books alone,
but in every leaf in spring-time."
~Martin Luther

08 April 2009

Wonderful Book Art

Still a work-in-progress, the cover is always so much fun to make! We made a mini book by covering cardboard with torn (vintage) book pages that were inked, distressed & glazed. Created a cover design on the computer, printed and then cut it out. A large, decorative brad was used for the "doorknob" and a leather strip to secure it. A "hinge" was created on the inside by linking the two covers with a piece of card stock. The inside describes what it means to have a raven as your totem. "Healing" was the part we liked the best and "moving from the dark into the light."

- upper left corner is made with mesh from a vegetable bag.

- lower right corner was made from black foil from a wine bottle.

Making a mess is a pre-requisite, it seems. Cleaning up.. not so much!!!

l-o-v-e taking pictures of children's hands!

- Distressing a piece of striped, green paper we added for the "end papers."

- stamping foam letter stamps on our tag book and then embossing in Diamond Black.

"Let's make more!"