15 December 2011

happy hands

are busy hands!

Hands that LOVE to make the world a better (and prettier) place! Doctors, Gardeners, Songwriters, Artists, Dog Groomers, Photographers, Caregivers, Massage Therapists, Midwives, Authors, Musicians, House Painters, Hair Stylists, Architects.. there are millions of ways we C.R.E.A.T.E. and give back with our hands.

I started to see and feel the signs of arthritis, most notably in my hands, right around the time I rediscovered my artistic nature. Like many, I am a self-taught artist and over the past few years, it has come to define me. Whenever I find myself projecting to a time in the future when they may no longer work for me, it also serves to heighten awareness of all those that work with their hands and do it through PAIN and I decide to focus instead on the health that I have today ~ right now.

Spanning a four-decade career, I've worked mainly in sales yet there was a time when I had the chance to work with my hands! You can read about it in an earlier post.

The idea to write this "homage to hands" came from that aching feeling I get following a photo restoration project, perfecting line, color, exposure and possibly DUST on the original negative and therefore making about a million MOUSE CLICKS to preserve this lovely photo of my lovely (now 88 year-old) mother. And I wanted to share it with you!

03 December 2011

Art Journal Page 2Dec11

A few weeks ago, I decided to prep a few pages in my 8x5 moleskine sketchbook to help jump-start the journaling process. I started with a light application of white gesso, used a babywipe to blend in neocolor II wax crayons and stamped a repeating image with black staz-on.

Next I glued the photo in place and covered the left side with clear gesso. This helps to remove any sticky residue left behind, protects the 1st layer of color and adds texture, or "tooth."

Last night I finished this simple spread with a few doodles, a mhendi-style mandala and some random thoughts on my love of LETTERING. These finishing touches were inspired by Samantha Kira's cool, new email-based class, called Journaling Deep! This is a year-long class which costs only $10/month... and you can opt out at any time... or not! So, please be sure to check out a few of her (57) videos, here.

Sakura Pens used:
Gelly Roll MED White
Gelly Roll Metallic
Gelly Roll Souffle (kind of a mint green)

Bic Pen