26 March 2007

mini class at the best stamp store in CT!

These are early experiments with alcohol inks. A clear favorite of mine for ATC backgrounds.

I recently signed up for a 3-day book altering class at a G-R-E-A-T local stamp store in Westport, CT called the: "Great American Stamp Store!" It's going really well and the last class will be held in early April.

While taking this class, taught by the ultra-fantastic "kim," (she teaches TEACHERS) I had the opportunity to meet a really fun group of artists: Susan, Nancy, Lisa & Evelyn. Surprise of surprises I learned that Susan was a member of one of my Yahoo online (ATC Trading) groups!! A small, small world.

So we got to talking and sharing our art of course and it was unanimous that Susan and I would share a few techniques with the group on making ATCs... instructor included! I selected alcohol inks & crackle and Monday we'll learn what Susan will be sharing!

Can't wait!
I am off to prepare for tomorrow. See you all at 6:15! And for the rest of you, hopefully I've inspired you with these 6 cards, to get out your alcohol inks and GET TO WORK!


Shelley said...

These are great Vicki! I've heard of alcohol inks, but didn't know anything about them. Gorgeous. Love your blog.

Don't worry about not sending any ATC's. I can't remember if I sent you any myself.

My husband has been ill and passed away on March 16th..so my mind has been out to lunch.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki,
THanks for your comments on flickr, just got to visit your site. I've been busy relocating my store.
I love your work/style. I'm also crazy about alcohol inks, and use them frequently.
I would also LOVE to do a swap with you. Did you get to visit my vox site:? www.lorri.vox.com also, I see your blog has an "inspiring" links section.. I don't have that, if I did I would certainly include you!!
Thanks again, Stay Creative!

Lorri Lennox

Nicole said...

These are great, I love alcohol inks, will get some new ones soon and will play with them. ;)