24 March 2007

How Distressing!

I'm on a "kick" ...happens to the best of us! This time it's the shabby / distressed / crackle look.

For me, a KICK usually starts when I come across a new technique, either from my book collection or from a discussion in one of my yahoo groups. This time it all started with crackle (and Marion, you're to blame for that). So, when I can no longer resist the temptation, I make the one hour round-trip to either Michael's or Joanne's (both are sub-par IMO) and buy a new product (crackle medium). That was about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I ventured out for a second time and bought about 20 bottles of acrylic paint known as SUPPLEMENTAL supplies to feed the growing addiction! (on sale ~ $.50 each.)

Once DH went off to bed (hehe) I spread out the "booty" and this is the result: 2 of the 6 cards that I made!

"Art Fair" was made with two shades of orange acrylic paint with a layer of crackle medium in-between, followed by a stamped "crackle pattern" in black.

"Zig Zag Summer" was made by painting both Plum & Wine acrylic paint separated by a layer of crackle medium. The picture doesn't show much contrast and neither did the original! SO I dabbed on a little bit of white Gesso, and once almost dry and still a little tacky, I sanded it in places.The yellow, star-shaped brads are new, too!

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