04 February 2009

Web Surfing (for a change)

Undine - 1872 Ophelia - 1910

Juliet - 1898 Boreas - 1903

A small sampling of the amazing artistry of John Williams Waterhouse (English painter, 1849-1917)! Have I been under a rock?? Although I've seen (and adored) the painting, "Boreas" I never knew who painted this masterpiece, until tonight. Which brings me to admit.... not only do I enjoying researching images, I seem to suck up the accompanying details LIKE A SPONGE! LOL! (You can view hundreds of his paintings in the online gallery here.

And if you can't tell already (based on the wide range of topics I enjoy)... I'm an information junkie! Geez, I'm always poking fun at myself by saying, "I'm on a need-to-know basis!" I would've made a top-notch detective, research scientist, or game show contestant. Ha!

Please share YOUR image resource faves & here's a few of mine:

To use any of these in your artwork, it's important to become familiar with the complex subject of Copyright Law and know how to locate "copyright free" images, which are in the public domain.