28 November 2011

Technique: background layers

- PAINT/GESSO: the page started with an acrylic paint mix of a fairly bright turquoise blue & neon red which became this very interesting blue/grey. next i used a credit card to scrape a thin layer of white gesso,
- NEGATIVE STENCIL: once the 2 layers were fairly dry, I used this technique with an alpha stencil, a spray bottle, baby wipe & a paper towel. You can see the vertical "W V" in the center on the left side.
- BIC PEN: traced a different (backward) alpha stencil with a pen
- COLLAGE: cut, glued and painted several shapes from a found postcard. small pc of sheet music.
- PAINT MARKER: traced a third stencil using a mechanical pencil, due to it's small size then traced over it with a red Sharpie Paint Marker.
- NEO COLOR II: don't you just love the rich pigment of this crayon set? Used a wet application of orange for the border.