31 December 2009

DECIDE that each day will be a good day and that you'll be in a good mood.

That's right, you can decide.

DECIDE that you'll sing, smile, laugh and dance more often.

DECIDE to make this a rewarding year filled with things and people you love.

Some of my happiest holiday memories:


29 December 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

Here are some images to share from our low-key celebration this year.. as we filled our hearts with the true meaning of Christmas and our love for each other!

It all begins with the TREE!


(next year's christmas card!)

Red velvet cake with (green) butter-cream-cheese icing!

Can you taste the bourbon sauce swimming at the bottom of the plate and the cheesy goodness of mom's "Potluck Potatoes?"

Every year we pose wearing the crowns from our English Christmas Crackers.

Our first holiday bird and christmas dinner SINCE 1992!

Wouldn't be complete without mom's cole slaw!

Battenburg lace + brown Alfred Meakin Staffordshire "Fair Winds"


Above pic and the next 2 are from the "road trip" I took to get mom, Mon/Tue before Christmas.

15 December 2009

" determination"


"two chickadees"