30 June 2007

You Can Fly!


We are blessed to have an imagination
that is FREE from external limitations.
It is truly a source of pleasure!
You have the unique ability to form new images
which have never been seen
experienced before!
Release your mind ~ awaken your creativity!!

...and I promise your muse will inspire you to great things today.

26 June 2007

heavenly body

This collage measures 8.5" x 8" and was made for a swap on one of my yahoo groups. The age-old process seems to always begin with, "where will my inspiration come from today?" Well, I'm happy to report that I soon felt that wonderful RUSH of ideas, followed by a feeling of relief. My guess is, you've been there before? LOVING what you do has everything to do with the ability to connect with your creative juices! So be patient with yourself. Inspiration is waiting for you, if you allow a quiet space for it to fill.

I was clearly inspired by this dark and lovely lady and everything else flowed from there. Next, I came across some amazingly beautiful vintage celestial images, maps and diagrams. A very specific color combination came to me at that point and I just KNEW that I would use a soft shade of lime coupled with deep ruby red!

I made this with acrylics, found paper, ink, foam stamped "swirls" and added a special high gloss finish! ...I hope you like it, Lisa!

13 June 2007

Mermaid Swap

These four cards are for a swap on the Yahoo group, Altered Art Obsession. They went postal and are in the air right now, somewhere between Connecticut and Seattle, Washington!

1.) "The Little Mermaid"
2.) "Mirror, Mirror!"
3.) "Song of the Sea" and
4.) "Enchantress of the Tides."

A large part of my love for this theme is due to my love affair with the SEA and everything both in and around it! Therefore, it should come as no surprise that my astrological birth sign is PISCES (Feb 19 - March 20)!! There are many references to water here, such as - it is the sign of the fish, the element is water, ruled by the Greek-Roman god Poseidon/Neptune and the birthstone is "AQUA-MARINE!"

I'm hoping this will inspire you to create something that reflects your true character, hopes, dreams and desires! A journal entry? A collage? Or even a scrapbook page?

NOW I've got you thinking!

08 June 2007

Spreadin a Little Love!

Fly Me To The Moon

This ATC (traded in an Ebay swap) is a perfect example of what can result when fellow artists connect, through this wonderful, online community!

I admired this gorgeous lady on Tracy Roo's flickr site and she shared it with me along with two others (THANK YOU, TRACY). The background technique was the result of my ongoing fascination with Kerrie Guinane's artistry, who hails from Down Under! She emailed me a description of how she layers multiple colors of alcohol inks on her brayer, spritzes with water for a watercolor effect and I have to say W.O.W. (THANKS, KERRIE).

These generous and talented artists are among a vast ARMY of dear friends who are all making this very special connection via the Internet on blogs, flickr sites, etsy, ebay, Yahoo Groups and more! It makes the world seem so much smaller when we take the time to reach out to each other and find out how much we are the SAME.

I feel lucky today, as I sit here at my PC at 2 AM and count all of you among my many blessings. I appreciate the time you all take to browse here, leave such positive feedback and touch me in a very special way.

All my love,
- Vicki xo

02 June 2007

Fall In Love

This card is the third traded in a "Try Something New" swap. I promised to post them all and the last one, to be shared with you shortly, was done in shades of brown and copper.

Using the same "inky layers" technique, I mixed lime green acrylic paint with clear glaze medium to cover the torn bits of vintage papers. For accent/interest I swiped it with a beautiful dark teal blue chalk ink pad, edged it in the same color and glazed the entire card for my finishing touch!

01 June 2007


Well Ute, here it is, my creative mess! Hard to believe anything constructive could come from this clutter.....and where the heck is the workspace? To tell you the truth I was afraid to step back any further because it spreads out like a disease!!

Makes you wonder how we "thrive" in these conditions, doesn't it? It would be fun to learn how many of us cleaned and organized our desks after we were tagged to let the WHOLE WORLD see it!

If anyone reading this is wondering, here's my interpretation: An international group of friends, who met online through several different "Art Groups," have TAGGED each other through blogs, flickr sites, email, etc. to take a photo of their creative work space ....without straightening up!!!!! Aimeslsee, you've been TAGGED!!!!