12 April 2010

special book = special course

Over the weekend I signed up for Juliana Coles' first online "extreme journalism" course, titled ALTERED STATES. More info is available on her website! The initial cost, being her first, is only $50 for 3-months of access to the artist, discussion group, PDF, audio, video and more!

First step: find a book!

I purchased a vintage record collection "book" (circa late 40's) at a tag sale about a year ago for a few bucks, never IMAGINING I would be guided by Juliana through the altering process!! I'm excited that the cover has torn off so I can work on that in lesson #2! So far I've cut 10 manilla folders in half, deciding to sandwich each sleeve with them leaving the top open for use as pockets. And I've taken the book apart and removed cardboard spacers, only to put them back into use... who knows!

There are sleeves that hold ten 33rpm records and an Index listing a mix of artists. What I got were 10 Perry Como EP or extended play singles, so someone already "personalized" their collection to be different from the original. Kind of cool, since that is what I plan to do ~ make this my own!

Wouldn't it be a great tie-in to incorporate some of the lyrics from the records?

"I hear your haunting theme
And I begin to dream"

"Each tender note you play
Will be my serenade"

Can't wait to jump right in!

Most Recent ATCs Are Loaded With DIIMENSION!

Posting cards I made a few months ago ~
Personal Collection and possibly Etsy.

07 April 2010

~ follow up post ~

Last year, 17 artists participated with me in this artezine board book swap with Christine Shebroe as the hostess. You can view the swap in its entirety here.

It was WAY BACK in July 2009, that I posted a few steps here to illustrate the WIP on the cover. I always meant to share the rest of my pages and I guess, better late than never! As with any first attempt, i still recall my inner critic was in "over-drive" and, in the end, I produced something I was very happy with! Moral of the story??? ... SILENCE that pesky inner critic and you will be surprised to see what lovely things can happen!