26 October 2012

Trying Something New

An altered birthday card is something I never felt inspired to do it until.. (never say never, right?) I saw the cutest card that looked like my cousin and I (one blone and one brunette) BUT, it had three little girls on the cover.

That meant I just HAD to cut one of them out so it looked a little bit more like US!

I had fun with this little experiment, stretching my creative wings and doing it while on an artist date... in public. So I used a few things I'd included in my travel kit... colored pens, scissors, telephone book pages and really had fun with it. Creativity continues to be a source of wonder for me. I hope it is for you as well. 

15 October 2012

My Prayer

Without the need to hear

Without the need for answers

Without the need to know

Without the need to find


Open to possibility

The perfect solution to all problems

The flow of good things coming to me

God's plan for my life and all those who are in it

That is my prayer.

12 October 2012

Art From My Heart

Tonight, as I was browsing through my flickr collection of the same name, I recalled many fond memories of the wonderful mixed media artist friends I've made over the years through collaborations of all shapes and sizes. We met through flickr, our blogs, Ebay ATC groups, Yahoo groups, NINGs from 6 years ago, challenges, swaps, skinny books, art-e-zine and SO MUCH MORE. So.... here is a random selection of a few of my older art pieces that were part of all that "coming together!" 

I am happy to say, many of us still keep in touch!

Thank you for inspiring me, dear friends! (Art is from June 2007-Nov 2009.)

11 October 2012

Why I Blog

Blogging, for me, is like keeping a diary. It's also an exciting way to keep in touch with friends and family, a chance to practice the art of expression through the written word and through photography..   maybe even to inspire another person in some small way.

I also believe that the only way to find kindred spirits, is to take the time and make the effort and i've been happily blogging my life story for almost 6 years. Thank you for stopping by to share my journey and I will work even harder at keeping in touch!

Scroll down to see a few of the highlights from the last 2 weeks.

Good times with good friends

Random quick-sketch during live-stream with Dede Inkwell

Scanned more CLASSIC family photos (ca. 1960, lower left) and shared them with cousins!

 Hung out with mom, while she visited for 4 days

Went out for pear/gorgonzola pizza, sushi & a movie date!

Made a rubberband journal/notebook for a friend



finished... & now shipping off some happy mail!

Still arranging all of the elements & probing the accompanying thoughts/feelings that come up when asking "what am i doing here?" Self-work is always rewarding & even cathartic! Amen.
So, back to my joy, working in my art journal ~ but 1st, a caramel latte!

06 October 2012

Cover Play

I had so much fun making this cover for my (daily) written journal. The old-skool, composition notebooks are my top choice for the size, the value and for the durable binding that allows the cover to be folded backwards for support while writing.

Simply done with:
  • composition notebook
  • chipboard letters/numbers (or make some) and tacky glue
  • aluminum foil and modge podge 
  • 2 colors of acrylic paint (white + a mid-tone)
  • add black acrylic paint, allow to semi-dry, then remove from surfaces
  • requires touch-up where paint gets removed 
  • rub-n-buff or any metallic paint to add highlights
  • i used glossy accents for my chipboard "slide mount." .. or any embellishment.

Yep, super simple and look at the results  P.S. and charlie helped!