28 August 2010

April in Boston

The first of four trips this year, April 2010 clearly rates as one of the TOP FIVE ALL TIME (out of 50) trips to this fine city in the last 15 years!

Following any day game, no matter what the weather, it's a tradition to walk from fenway park to dinner in the north end by way of our favorite martini bar! That afternoon we decided to take a new route through kenmore square, down comm ave through the neighborhoods of back bay and beacon hill across the top of the commons and on through faneuil hall to hanover street.

We had to slow our pace to take in all the history and fine architecture, courtyards in bloom and vintage facades that surrounded us on this rainy day under a leaden, overcast sky!

Umbrellas or not, the air was crisp and fresh, the walk and the company invigorating and the lighting perfect for my photo shoot. Truly memorable!

Ice Cold and Dee-lish!

And don't forget to look down!

11 August 2010

Creating a Brand...

New Etsy Header

... and hopefully a following!

I'm so lucky to have a very dear friend like Michelle, who is a brand consultant & marketing and social media strategist ~ giving me advice these days! Check out her website here.

In addition to stressing the importance of daily "tweets" (check it), she has always stressed the importance of "continuity" as I began to market my handmade jewelry business (she even had a hand in sparking the flame by gifting me with some of her amazing beads & gemstones last fall!)
This aspect has had me completely STUMPED for 6 months and I feel as though I've finally had a breakthrough.
The problem. What to name my business:

- email: cookievf
- flickr: cookievf
- twitter: cookievf
- ebay: vickstress (not selling there)
- etsy: vickstress for continuity.. 4 YRS AGO, when i was just a b-u-y-e-r!
- blog: beautyofthegarden
Ever the goal:
  • Create a clear message
  • Convey accurate representation
  • Convey the need for your product/service - or make it beautiful and impossible to resist =D
  • Convey QUALITY
  • Make it easy to remember, so potential customers can find you!

The solution:

As I am still in the very early stages, I've decided NOT to give the business a name, therefore avoiding having to create a new etsy shop & set up a special FB page, etc... I have decided to simply use my given name. Sounds easy, but "WHEW!" what a relief now that the decision process is finally over.

For continuity sake, I added my name to my flickr account and created a business card ands etsy header with a similar theme. It's a beginning! Now I am making earring cards to better display my jewelry and working on blog ideas....... gotta run!

New Business Card

06 August 2010

Hipstamatic.. my 1st choice for "grunge"

Hipstamatic is an iphone app that came on the scene with great fanfare, in late 2009 that's described as "digital photography turned analog."

There are a CRAZY number of combinations to choose from with interchangeable lens, flash and film which, i have to say, is so UP MY ALLEY as I've had a life-long love affair with anything old, vintage, retro, faded, rusty, broken & chipped!

It didn't take very long to see just how popular this app has quickly become with flickr groups, websites and contests popping up everywhere!

The Big Hipstamatic Show monthly contest
Official Hipstamatic website
Official Hipstamatic TWITTER
Hipstamatic FLICKR (60,254 items)
365 Days Hipstamatic FLICKR (1,207 items)
Hipstamatic NYC FLICKR (793 items)

Well, you get the idea!

Being keenly aware of the grunge-y, gritty effects available with Hipstamatic, I just HAD to take a few pics when I noticed we were standing in a "warehouse" surrounded by beer kegs and brewing equipment. Actually, the brewmaster took the first one =D

Monthly Trip to Captain Lawrence Brewery, Pleasantville, NY
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