08 June 2011

refreshed & renewed

Sitting here today I had a growing feeling that I needed to take a moment to reflect on what's behind me and what's ahead of me.

Currently in the US our flowers are in bloom and the change of seasons seem to make me want to quietly count my blessings one-by-one and, almost like a stopwatch, hit the RESET button. If I don't stop for a few precious minutes to focus on all of the positives in my life, then I find it's all too easy to get caught up in all of the million little tasks at hand and ultimately, I begin to feel frustrated... believing there's ever ENOUGH!!

Projects Completed
Trips Taken
Goals Met
People Seen
Emails Sent
Phone calls Made

~ you fill in the blank.

And I was inspired to jot this down on a piece of paper..

"There is healing found in the cycles of the natural world and I'm certain it was here that God intended we discover the lesson of renewal. Ebb and Flow. Sunrise and Sunset. Wax and Wane. Summer's Warmth and Winter's Cold. Give and Take. Birth and Death. Tides, Sun, Moon, Seasons, Life. When we take the time to contemplate the mysteries that surround us… questions are answered. And we emerge refreshed... renewed."

Happy Spring into Summer!


Mary said...

This post is wonderful the photos and your thoughts have really touched me.

jacquerose said...

Beautiful photographs and wise words! Thank you.

Tee Thompson said...


About the tote you asked me about on my blog:

I searched but didn't find much on totes like this. They used to have them at Walmart.. but I have not looked for them there in a while. I got mine with a lot of scrapbooking supplies in it.

The closest I could find online was this one http://www.overstock.com/Crafts-Sewing/Toteally-Cool-Pink-Brown-Craft-Tool-Tote/4420727/product.html

Hope that helps!

Carol A said...

gorgeous photos and I really like what you wrote at the end of your post

Gaby Bee said...

What a great post!
Wise words my friend. I agree with you and I am loving this season too. The flowers in bloom, the fresh green, being able to sit out in the sun with a cup of tea and listening to the birds:) Simply wonderful...

Enjoy the day and have sunny upcoming weekend!
Gaby xo

Anonymous said...

I could take your entire post and photos and mount it on a wall over my desk to remember it daily. There is never enough, we just learn to compromise.