30 June 2011

a message just for me!

a message just for me! by cookievf
a message just for me!, a photo by cookievf on Flickr.

Last week I took a short drive with my mother while visiting her in Vermont (following some garage sale signs, actually), came around the bend to a very special "spot" that I shared with my dad in the late 1990's and was greeted by this beautiful tree!

It's located at the base of a long, dirt driveway and at the top is a VERY old, stately home, usually vacant, with a wrap-around porch, orchards, fields of wildflowers, a 180 degree view... and sunsets that would take your BREATH AWAY.

...thanks, dad. xo


Mary said...

It sounds delightful and how wonderful to have happy memories of time shared with your Father.

mice_aliling said...

I, too miss my Dad at times. The tree is always a good way to "keep in touch."

Kristine said...

Love, love, love this family connection - Sorry to hear about your Dad - Love your photo ... Sometimes nature speaks to us ... Like it presents itself, for only us to witness ...