14 June 2011

little girl lost, sharing my story

I have always been an open book, never quite understanding what it really means. I realize now that being vulnerable is a gift... just like each and every part of us is a gift!

We are all unique right down to our freckles and, please believe me when I tell you, it is our JOB TO SHARE OUR GIFTS WITH THE WORLD. This is something I am so passionate about (note the caps) because it is my sincere belief that your gifts are what the universe is holding it's breath for; waiting for; praying for!

So please don't waste another moment to speak what's on your mind today or in your heart or on your easel and please put it out there. Let's all TOUCH another person's life today with our truth and with the essence of who we are because what's more precious than sharing a piece of ourself with another? The world will be richer for it.

As an artist and truly a teacher at heart, I LOVE showing a piece in progress as it unfolds and finds itself.

Like carving a sculpture from a piece of rock, this was one of those pages that gave me a feeling of relief, once completed.

Using acrylic paint, oil pastels, gel pens, handcarved stamps, masking tape and "ransom" style magazine letters on this one, each page becomes a purging of sorts. My goal for these journal pages is to make it PERSONAL so that by doing so, I can no longer take for granted what I'm discovering on this inner journey!

On the subject of my page, over the last few months I was finally able to get rid of an ache I've had in my heart for five decades and forgive my step-grandfather for molesting me at a very young age. Not excuse, not condone in ANY WAY, just accept that he was a victim of a victim just like I was. Closure. "I can forgive. I choose love."


Tee Thompson said...

I love this page! It's awesome~

Marilyn Girling said...

This page emerged from the dark and grew in light filled-intensity and child like joy as it progressed...an amazing piece...a healing piece♥

Teresa aka Tess said...

I too am a vicitm of molestation. Mine was not a step though. To this day I have never forgiven. I do not believe it is in me to forgive. I know he cannot hurt another (I was not his first nor his last) as he is now dead. Part of me knows that I will never enter heaven if I cannot forgive and another part of me feels he's dead anyway so I don't have to. A case closed and yet not. Your page is beautiful. Thank you for sharing so openly. Hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

Aww sweetie your page is beautiful but what is so most important is that you've forgiven and are set free.

I was molested and other things as a child, it takes a while to work through those feelings.

The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing I have ever done in my life is forgive and not hate. That gives me back the power they stole when I was little.

I wish I could say more but that will take up all your space. This is a wonderful page and post.

Seren/ Tina Louise Buckley

P and S. you know to post a comment you have to type a word... My word to type is TISTRUE. now that is a sign.

Mary said...

This is a wonderful page and you will have given strength to anyone in a similar position.