08 April 2011

Full Circle Friendship

As I am usually the one seeking to re-connect with misplaced friendships along the way, I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me last month when I logged in to my flickr account! I had a new message, titled "Greetings From Philadelphia." And here's the kick... I moved two states away, 37 years ago! I'm smiling as I head off to bed tonight, after a long phone conversation filled with memories and laughter and thinking to myself, "What a treasure to be able to close a loop left open so many decades ago!" XO


Anonymous said...

That's so great!! How's Soul Restoration going for you?

Kristy said...

Hello Brave Girl Sister ! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I am so happy you found me and that my story touched you in some special way. I am blessed to have found you as well. I loved looking around your blog and will have to come back to write down a few of your creative ideas. I am currently in SR1 and loving it. I know it is only week 1.. but I am ready to do the work and open my heart to the transformation I see in those that have graduated and share their stories. You will have to look me up at BGC.. I'm Krissi57 !! Hugs to you... Kristy

mice_aliling said...

Reconnecting is awesome. makes you go back and understand yourself better :) I hope it's good for you all the way