03 April 2011

19th century sisters: augusta, alice and edna

a photo bycookievf on Flickr.

...also known as "GUS, PETE and TED!" The nicknames were affectionately given to these three sisters by their father ~ who was hoping for boys! Happily, after Alice came Bruce, then Scott and finally Helen.. and my great grandfather was pleased and to some degree, relieved. He now had two sons to continue the family's business of manufacturing wood lacquers and stains, which they did. So successfully in fact, that the reins were eventually passed on to the 3rd and 4th generations, becoming world-renowned particulary in the music business (guitar lacquers, stains & finishes) at the very same Philadelphia location, where it continued until 2009, for 135 years!

Alice, my maternal grandmother, lived 99 years and 10 months and has been my SPECIAL guardian angel watching closely over me since 1995.

A new chapter has been added to this wonderful McFadden family tree. In my quest to research family genealogy, I have just located one of Edna's granddaughters and we're sharing photos, stories. documents and are now linked with another 2nd cousin on Facebook!

Approx 1915 ~ my great uncle, Scott McFadden, with a company truck

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