15 April 2011

artist date

no pics from tue/wed yet (just a web grab), but wanted to share how refreshing it was to hop in the car this week and drive 150 miles to visit my mom. It had been 8 weeks and a much overdue trip - so, good stuff all around!

the route i drive goes through miles and miles of wide open farmland, rolling hills, passing clouds, barns, silos, cows... so many of things that I love! Old cemeteries, vine covered buildings, dirt roads, I could go on!

i stopped frequently as the mood arose, camera ready-at-the-draw! one road definitely freaked me out a bit, though. All of the houses appeared to be crumbling and pretty desolate.. I watch too many movies like that...! so I drove about 2 miles and made a u-turn after crossing a creepy open-grate bridge with swirling rapids down below! lol

enjoyong the solitude and allowing nature to excite and inspire, was what my trip home was all about! I saw two separate flocks of wild turkeys and lots of males puffing or spreading out their tail feathers (just like peacocks) to attract females for mating.

I also listened to my Artist's Way cds and I appreciated the part about artists being VISUAL and how important the weekly artist date is ~ for the purpose of "filling the well." Which is exactly what i did. Pure bliss!

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Wendy said...

OoooOOohhh...love the Artists Way. Took classes with Julia, and did the 7 week version many years ago at The Wisdom House. Are you also writing Morning pages? I really should go back to doing that...so wonderfully enlightening... and a great way to start the day! Sounds like a great trip Vicki!