25 March 2009


Truthfully, no two of us are alike!

Whether you've attended Art School, are self-taught or consider yourself an "outsider artist," each one of us has come from a very VERY different place. And because we come from totally different places it is natural to produce totally different art.

Creating art, in any form, is also an act of trust. It takes a "leap of faith" since making art is the act of BARING YOUR SOUL!

There truly are - NO RULES - that define where art can or should come from. The important part is that we express our own authentic individual experience.

Release the bird from your caged mind. Let your art (and your heart) S.O.A.R.

You have a story to tell!


Seth said...

Great post and great thoughts here. I like the message very much!

Lorri said...

Hello :)
Great post, lovely pics too!
Hope all is going well for you my far away friend xo

Aimeslee said...

So true, me dear. I wish more people would quit copying a style and just start doin their own thing...makes me think they don't have a thing of their own and I know that's not true. winkwink xoxo