20 March 2009

art journey, refreshed

It wasn't until I heard myself saying.. out loud.. how much I missed making art, that I realized I needed an emergency ART INTERVENTION! So often we turn without for inspiration, but this time it felt different. It came from within.

My heart spoke ~ and I listened.

About 2.5 weeks ago, I was describing to a friend that not expressing myself through my art was making me feel all bottled up! Shocked to hear myself uttering those words, and I promise you it was TANGIBLE.. there was a connection taking place inside.. leaving no doubt, whatsover, that the time to "purge" was n.o.w.

The easy part was locating a few half-started projects to pick back up again - LOL - and (no surprise) I came up with some new ones, as well. I'll be busy posting and sharing them with you, but first, here's what I've been working on since March 3rd:
  • blank card for someone to GIVE (below)
  • 3 ATC's - 1 very special one for a special friend
  • an altered book Poetry Journal with a teenage friend
  • finished my first handbound journal (a la Kelly Kilmer) with 3, 20-page signatures
  • started the cover design
  • learned to use a Color Negative attachment to my scanner and retouched 2 of my all-time best photographs from two 26 year old negatives
  • Book of Me journal
  • Sentimental Journey journal

... happy arting!

1 comment:

Aimeslee said...

Wowzers woman. Well, I knew you'd had an art ephiphany of some sort. Pretty card. These things always hit on their own schedule, have you noticed that? It's like surfing, ya gotta ride the wave when it forms. Something gotta hold of ya and you seem real happy and that's a good thing! xoxoxo