10 July 2007

One Fine Morning

As I am a huge fan of alcohol inks, this is just another of many posts where that particular technique has been used to create the background. In this case, I used a standard sized sheet of glossy white cardstock, working on one large area. (You can scroll down to my post on 6/8 for details on the "brayer" technique used).

Then, when finished, I simply cut it up into several ATC's (2 1/2" x 3 1/2") and typically add collage items such as ephemera, embellishments and found items (mostly paper) to create these highly ADDICTIVE Artist Trading Cards!

... and be sure to check back soon for a brief tutorial on my my "mosaic" alcohol technique!


Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki,
It's me, Lorri - Just noticed you have another friend of mine (Eileen Grobeck - Cookala) in your list, and Kelsey (also from Perth)... am I good enough to be on your links page??? Puleeeese!! lol, not begging - but it would be an honour. My blog doesn't allow links - yet... Vox is relatively new compared to some others and I don't need anymore blogs.
I love the alcohol inking you did on this one, and really like the way the flowers blend so beautifully.. great atc! Will catch up on flickr email, or msn :))

bockel24 said...

No wonder you love alcohol inks, Vicki - your alcohol backgrounds are beautiful!

She Who Flies said...

Beautiful ATC! The background is very rich and warm. I'll have to try alcohol inks some day. Do they smell? :-)

belinda said...

ok, i'm a bit late. but just wanted to say that this piece is just gorgeous and stunning!!! i love the background and the flowers are so beautiful. all blends just beautiful together. brava!