04 July 2007

Happy 231st Birthday, America!!

1. 2002-07-03 - Red, White, and Boom Fireworks 2.JPG, 2. Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July USA!!, 3. Fireworks!, 4. Fire in the sky, Seattle, 5. night show, 6. painting the sky purple, 7. 4th of July, 8. Bombastic, 9. ny06 150, 10. St. Louis Fireworks, 11. Homage, 12. The Rocket's Red Glare, 13. And the rocket's red glare, 14. Fireworks, 15. Fireworks

These are from flickr.com and are just a few of my favorite firework pics from all over the world! Aren't they just BEAUTIFUL?????

Can you find the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington? The St. Louis Arch? Roebel's Bridge in Cincinnatti, OH (same architect as The Brooklin Bridge)? The Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.?


Linda said...

Vicki..thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.


Chris said...

Thanks for including my images!