26 July 2007

Mosaic Patterned Alcohol Ink - Technique Explained

"Count Your Blessings"

This altered playing card is from my early experiments with alcohol inks (dec '06). It was edged with a gold krylon pen, embellished with a slide mount, printed image, blue swarovki crystals & transparency word/numbers. Even after I purchased the "proper" wooden applicator with velcro and changeable felt, I STILL prefer my early substitution for its added DIMENSION. These are the products I use:

Clearsnap's Colorbox "stylus starter set"

To get the beautiful MOSAIC patterns, attach one of the black moldable foam tips, heat carefully under a halogen light bulb, then press onto a

Clearsnap's "Molding Mat"

- or into any hard rubber stamp or "texture" - and there you have it!

Place 1-3 drops of two different colors, onto your molded foam and build up several layers onto a glossy surface to get the above effect! No two cards will ever be alike, that's the beauty of this medium!

HELPFUL TIP: When you order alcohol inks ($3.45 ea or $9.99 set of 3), be sure to purchase the Alcohol Blending Solution - dilutes and lightens these thick, rich colors ($4.99). The Gold/Silver Metallic Mixatives ($9.99 set of 2) are great but krylon pens work as well, tho' a little differently, so you can live without them. Here is one of many websites you can order from.

Be creative & come up with your very own technique... and have fun!

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