05 April 2007

A Mid-Summer's Dream

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A cherished time of year for me is when the warmer weather (finally) arrives here in New England. Why? Because DH and I will be grilling, napping, reading, watching Red Sox baseball and yes, crafting - on our screened-in porch! Besides the early morning, my second favorite time of day (being the MOLE that I am, ...smile!) is after dark. That is when I light several candles, turn on the "party lights" and listen to the nocturnal chorus of crickets, tree frogs, owls, and the families of raccoons, possums and squirrels that love to forage in our woods! I am counting the days, hours and MINUTES until that time arrives!

I wanted to include this shot that shows the full view up to the rafters in the ceiling (my design), but L-O-L, look closely at the right foreground! All of my papers and things are spread out on the table. That porch is a great resource for inspiration! Why not stop by some warm summer evening? I'll make the marguerita punch, you bring your latest art project to work on!


Gisele said...

What a fantastic creative area to work in....and that wonderful view, oooh, I'm so jealous! Thanks for stopping by my blog & your lovely comments :)

............Aimeslee said...

Girl, you always know just the perfect thing to say! I am already feeling better about that birthday card....thanks!

I'm a total sucker for beams and rafters, our den has them and it's my favorite room. Yours has that VIEW tho.....pretty dang perfect, IMO!

Hoppy Easter and Many xoxoxo's,

Tricia Scott said...

ohh! what a great space! thank you for the email and i will be back to visit again. happy easter!