23 April 2007

15 years and counting

We are so blessed to have our precious cat, Satch in our lives. He and his brother, Sam were rescued at 4 months old. Satch turned 15 in March and Sam lived to the ripe, old age of 14. He died peacefully in our arms one night in Feb 2006 with all four of us present. We miss you, "little!"

Just a few hours ago, at 10 PM.... and every monday night, we light a candle for little Sam. Read more about the Monday Candle Ceremony. Be sure to scroll down and read "The Rainbow Bridge" story. It's very, very heartwarming!

Our prayer tonight includes all pets that are suffering in ANY way and all pet owners that are newly bereaved or those remembering beloved pets of long ago. As the link above explains, it is celebrated INTERNATIONALLY and it is my hope that you will share this with your friends and pass it on! This weekly tradition continues to be a great comfort to us to know that we are honoring, not only Sam, but ALL pets and their families.

As I turn in for the night with Satch, signing off on my latest blog, I cherish EVERY DAY we have left to spend together! God certainly knew what he was doing when he created companion animals!

(update: 12/8/07 Satch is almost 16 and still THRIVING, diabetes and ALL!)


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The Boys, 1 year old:
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Gisele said...

Hi Vicki
Thank you for the lovely message left on my blog & for pointing me to this post, needless to say, I wept reading about your loss (I'm a tad sensitive at the moment) & the Rainbow Bridge poem is lovely....certainly gives you hope for the future. Both your cats are beautiful boys...does Sam miss his brother very much?
Thank you again....your message was really appreciated :)
Hugs Gisele