03 February 2012

Preserving History

This is another creative outlet that truly "speaks my name." In addition to taking pictures, I seem to thrive when editing/tweaking and especially restoring them! I'm certain part of that equation is the sentimentalist AND the preservationist in me.

I began to realize my affinity for restoration when I made the domino photo pendant, above, for a friend to give to her mom for Mother's Day, in May 2010. (This service is available through my Etsy shop)

As the self-appointed family genealogist and photo curator I've documented up to 120 ancestors on my family tree at Ancestry.com (always a work-in-progress), added 80 photos which include FIVE great-grandparents and restored over 100 photos. I'd love to share another very precious photo restoration completed today. A hand-painted photo on porcelin, of my mother, age 3 from 1926.


Gaby Bee said...

Love the domino photo pendant and the photo of your mother is enchanting!

Tarah Chambers said...

the domino pendant is so beautiful! You are so amazingly talented, I bet you smile each time you create something awesome like that!!!!! The photo restoration of your mom is so cool. it has floored me!