01 February 2012


Altered book BEFORE

45 days could very well be my all-time record for days between posts which became the PERFECT EXCUSE for procrastinating, with "Where do i start???" ..at the beginning, of course.

After hearing so much around the idea of selecting one word for focus and growth in the coming year, I finally did it AND enjoyed the process of trying to distill all of my do's and don'ts to come up with one!

My choice for 2012 is MOTION

Altered book AFTER

As a matter of fact, movement of ANY kind is just what the doctor ordered as I get stuck inside my head with way.. too.. many.. hours creating ideas instead of creating art!

I can already sense a shift in energy:

~ There's been a thunderstorm of activity w/art journaling, doodling, sketching,
~ Enjoying Effy Wild's Book of Days (free) course
~ Learning much from Samantha Kira Harding's Journaling Deep
~Had fun letting loose with Traci Bautista's Doodles Unleashed
~ Reorganizing my studio (lots of "so THAT's where it was!")
~ I've begun to take "micro movements" towards a list of personal goals
~ I want to add dance to my list of physical activities (getting there)
~ I will NOT come up with any more excuses to stay inside due to the weather
~ My photography is on overload: 1001 pics so far this year.. that's 33 days!
~ Planning to introduce a new line of jewelry for sale, locally
~ Created a valentine-themed display for current jewelry line

All-in-all, my plan for this year is to DOBEDOBEDO!

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