12 September 2011

Flea Haul

Do you love the joy of the hunt as much as I do? It's so darned rewarding to repurpose and recycle ~ plus I love finding something beautiful that has a time-worn patina!! Well, I finally remembered to share my haul pictures from MAY... because there were so many sweet little treasures I wanted to share! Funny story: just before that weekend, I had a dream about a straw handbag and decided I wanted to find one for the summer... sort of like the ones I used to carry in my college/disco days, lol. When i spotted one for $4.00, YOU KNOW I didn't hesitate!

It was so rewarding to find 2 huge rolls of plain white paper for painting collage papers and three cute little plastic tools: an alphabet stencil, shapes stencil and a paint scraper, all for around $1.00!

Well, I have to confess that there were two extravagences that set me back about $30 ~ (which is why I don't go very often) ~ the stunning RED ROSE tablecloth from the 1940's and the gorgeous pair of crystal earrings which I will most likely upcycle into one of my own jewelry designs.

The little scotty dog is a cream-colored cigarette case from the 1930's which I just couldn't part with. (was thinking of selling on ebay) I currently use it to hold my business cards and just adore that it pops open when you give it a gentle squeeze! A great little conversation piece.

Other items: cabinet card, cute vinyl make-up case, cross pendant, 2nd pr of earrings, lace table runner (on my kitchen table), a precious journal and an extra large piece of vintage sheet music!


Anonymous said...

Hey Vicki, Thanks for all the lovely comments. I actually closed my FB account over a year ago. Anyway I love your Haul. Love going to Flea markets myself. You did really good on your findings!

Mary said...

What a great selection of quality items.