24 August 2011

the uglies

we all have 'em... in our Art Journals, that is! "let the inspiration flow" - guess it wasn't flowing MY way, that day, lol.

I've read both sides of the keep it or paint over it discussions, and truthfully, only you can make that call. For me, I got depressed every time I looked at it. About 5 weeks passed, I bought a few alphabet stencils in a Thrift Shop and had an "AHA" moment. Next, I simply pulled the tape off -used a little red acrylic paint and a spouncer to re-do the title. (luckily the old one was on masking tape!!) And... SCORE!


Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

I echo that ! Art melts my stress away, too ! :D

Anonymous said...

Really love both pages. It's amazing how we can alter them with just a feeling.
Art ROCKS! It's the best form of relief I have discovered. :) Magge