19 July 2011

Pinching Myself ~ I Get To Live Here!

MY VALHALLA! The first three photos were taken in New Milford, CT around mid-day yesterday, on a "birthday road trip" with a very dear friend. The last shot was taken at an old favorite fishin hole at Hatch Pond in Kent, CT just before sundown on june 25th. All are less than 6 miles from home.


Marilyn Girling said...

So green and rolling, I've always wanted to visit that part of the world. I here it is stunningly beautiful in the Fall. Enjoy your little slice of heaven!

Ruby Claire said...

what a truly magnificant view! That's incredible! Ah, so peaceful and calming. Being surrounded by nature is one of the most inspiring things ever. Enjoy! :)

Mary said...

Magnificent !