03 December 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Last week I compiled my first two "treasury" lists on Etsy. Treasury is their ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery and a FEAST FOR THE EYES! This was my first one and there will be more to follow.

Now here's what makes it special: that by giving, you can receive, as well... which is a perfectly lovely idea! If you own a shop and decide to take the time to come up with a uniquely beautiful collection, and a catchy title helps, you not only bring exposure (and sometimes SALES) to 16 different shops but you are also introducing your shop to 16 new colleagues. Brilliant.

Visit the link below to see ALL the pretty things!

1 comment:

trisha too said...

Etsy is wonderful! I don't do any selling, but I do like to shop . . .
so many talented people!