21 July 2010

Turning Vintage Trading Cards Into Jewelry

Repurpose! An upcycled game piece becomes wearable art by taking an image from my ephemera collection and resizing it to fit a creamy, 2" x 1" Crisloid domino (2" x 1").

These days I use Microsoft Office Word 2007 for basic cropping and to bump up the contrast, which saturates colors very nicely. No fancy software required. Another no-cost option is using flickr's Picnik program or my own image editing software from my scanner.

I typically start by cropping out any unnecessary portions such as text, etc. Once printed, I simply cut around the gold, decorative edge, attached it to a domino with acrylic gloss medium, coated it with same for protection and added a tiny bright red swarovski crystal for added sparkle. In the final step, I attached a silver plated bail with jeweler's cement and, voila! ... a pretty necklace with a colorful ad from the 1880's. My kind of "bling" =D

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