04 May 2010

adoption day!

adoption day
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As I write this post, these little guys are already 3+ weeks in their new home! Let me start from the beginning...

Saturday, April 10. What a fateful day! 2 weeks prior our precious Satch had passed away and we were donating some of his special high protein food to our favorite charity, Kent Kats, a local spay/neuter assistance & shelter.

And look who was waiting for us? YOU just try and resist!

This 7-month-old sibling pair, "Charlie" and his sister "Suki" were initially feral, then adopted and then given away to the shelter due to allergies (and problems with their Jack Russell). I am so proud and happy to say that we are their THIRD AND FINAL HOME! Welcome home, kids! A Wonderful Life is waiting for you here!


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crimsoncat05 said...

they are beautiful! thank goodness they found their forever home with you... (the ginger tabby looks just like our ginger kitty, Butters!)

Elliott Broidy said...

This warms my heart. Thank you!