02 January 2010

Ecclectic Jewelry

I have the opportunity to sell jewelry at my best friend's salon, located just 1/2 block from the green in our beautiful Village Center. There she displays 4-5 collections from local artisans ranging from larger scale fine art photography, blank photo greeting cards and a variety of handmade jewelry. I'm still working out a few of the creative details, such as

  • what style I'd like to focus on (or NOT since I have ecclectic taste!)
  • packaging
  • pricing
  • buying additional supplies

Most likely I will be offering a combination of styles using steel, silver, crystal & semiprecious stones as well as incorporating collage (no pics yet) in charm bracelets and pendants.

1 comment:

Aimeslee said...

Oh, how thrilling to sell your jewelry! Good luck and break a leg (a jump ring???). Hey, have I already posted and thanked you for letting me know that you received your Mother Earth doll? Cuz, I could have just imagined that I wrote. Sucks to get older. Or to be me, I dunno what to blame it on. Hey, I sent that doll to you instead of to Cloth, Paper, Scissors to their Earth Mother doll contest. I think it's wrong to make us send off our creations instead of just a photo, so I still don't try to get published.

Enjoyed looking at your family Christmas photos. Your hubby looks well as does your mom. You look mah--vellus, just like the Holly Hunter actress. HUGS!