18 January 2010

be inspired

be inspired! Originally uploaded by cookievf

Have you noticed?

There is such an amazing array of talent on flickr.com! Please take a moment, click on the uploaded "photo mosaic" I've created to

  • view all of the stunning details in a larger format
  • find 18 individual links to learn more about some of these amazing artists!!

I promise you'll be inspired to
make something beautiful today.

1. Conscious Freedom, 2. Willkommen Oktober, 3. sparse. one, 4. Angel Of Grief, 5. White Building, 6. Stacking rings, 7. Untitled, 8. Glass and green, 9. monday worries, 10. Shortbread with Pistachio, 11. Bench Monday - Hibernate, 12. ..., 13.WINTER BOKEH 1, 14. White Ceramic Star Decorations, 15. antique chandelier, 16. ashberry, 17. Kitchen moment, 18. Where Angels Nest

Notice: Although FLICKR is a photo-sharing website, please realize it is by no means my intention to offend anyone. Please leave a COMMENT on FLICKR if you would like me to remove your picture and I will not hesitate to do so!

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