19 December 2008

First Snow, Finally!

a virgin blanket of snow

The two of us happily enjoyed our first day of vacation, snuggled down in our cozy little house in the woods, while the snowstorm raged outside! So far we've gotten about 8-10" of white stuff and it's still coming down ~ with another storm to come saturday/sunday!

So we're relaxing and enjoying this last weekend before Christmas and taking time out to remember the true meaning of this

very special holiday!

Both of us are most excited to be able to go snowshoeing tomorrow morning... in our CHURCH OF THE FOREST...where we are closest to God. And the best part? We are blessed to have a property that connects to a 250 acre Nature Preserve. We can hike MANY good-sized hills, cross a beautiful rushing stream, spot red-tail hawks, white-tailed deer (below), native songbirds in the marsh and in the thick underbrush and disappear for 3 hours without seeing another person. Truly, food for the SOUL!

snowshoe tracks & a visitor!

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miz katie said...

aw! Is that a baby deer?