15 November 2008

Art-e-zine & The Goth Postcard Swap

I have always been a huge fan of Gillian Allen's website ART-E-ZINE. If you haven't discovered this amazing artist's resource yet, prepare to be hooked! Just LOOK at the image resources she has provided for you to use in your art!

Also for your viewing pleasure are pages and pages of inspiring artist's eye candy such as fat books, mail art, journals, altered books, digital art, and more here, here, here and HERE! They even have swaps, a list of online tutorials and more links here! Be sure to look for the spot to make an annual donation which will not only help cover rising costs for website "upkeep" but you get a lovely series of vintage images to download as her way of saying thank you! ($12/year)

I was invited to participate along with a group of approximately 26 artists, many on facebook, in a 4 x 6 postcard swap with a GOTH theme! (EDIT 11/26/08) The goth's are here... come on over to the "dark side!" You can join in the fun over at the art-e-zine cafe yahoo group, as well!

"the gatekeeper"


seth said...

Great texture in the postcard. And thanks for the links.

Gaby Bee said...

Marvelous !!! Love the textured background and the color scheme. Stunning in every way!
Thanks for all the links, Vicki!
I wish you a creative rest of this week and a fun upcoming weekend.

Gaby xo

Maija said...

I am one of the lucky recipients of "The Gatekeeper". It's so fabulously wicked and so rich with texture!

June said...

I agree i am a big fan of that site too. I could spend hours there. I love this work of yours too and what amazing art you have. Ohhhh gotta follow your blog too now :)
Hugs J