15 August 2008

Pure Poetry

The following Artist Statement was taken from Maralena Howard's website.

"Painting so deeply the secret selves.
If found by another who claims one as their own - I am at peace.

Generally sexless, neither male nor female.
I strive for the pure connection.

That IS the ultimate goal.

I sit with empty space (canvas and non-intention).
Silence and emptiness takes its own direction.
Color finds its way in, out, over, under, through and through.
Sometimes staying until the end and other times a short visit before it leaves
or morphs into a new existence.

The works hold many layers.
Some perfect, others scratched and marred.
Harmony and discord build upon the other much like life itself.

Nothing is so simple that it loses its pure voice.
Truth presents itself without permission.
In the end, empty decides what fills it.

Now - is where this art will take us."

~Maralena Howard

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Lorri said...

Thanks for sharing. I have given you another blog award because you inspire me!
Take care my friend :)


mcdc3s said...

You are so sweet. I am honored. Thank you for thinking of me. xxx