07 August 2008

Faith, Family & Friends

Early this summer my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. We have had some good days, when we've been closer than ever and some really ROUGH ones, when we questioned everything! And, like anyone who has received a similar diagnosis for someone you love, it's been a roller-coaster ride ---- like nothing I've ever experienced!

It gets pretty frightening when someone you love, wakes you up one morning with a kiss before leaving for work, and says "Hun, I'm scared!"

Dan is my hero in many ways. Last month I learned that he (Mr. Private - Mr. I Leave My Personal Life At Home) decided to CALL A MEETING at work to tell his employees and his manager that he has cancer. He explained that he'd been given a great prognosis then asked that "no one leave the room with their head down because I need your positive thoughts and prayers." Afterwords, several people told him that by being so open, he would touch many lives. Already we know that one person, in particular, was delaying a blood test and scheduled one immediately! This was wonderful news & music to our ears. Dan's action demonstrated how quickly a support network grows when you're not afraid to speak what is in your heart!

After major open surgery for a Radical Prostatectomy on July 29th, 5 days in the hospital and 3 pretty hairy days at home this past week, we received the news that his patholgy report came back "organ confined." It was and is the best news we could've hoped for! Lots of (careful) celebrating here.... OUCH! in between naps (lol), delicious home-cooked meals,

BUNCHES of Tender Loving Care

and so many cards, phone calls, deliveries, good wishes, meals dropped off and several visits! We are ever-so-grateful for this AMAZING CIRCLE OF LOVE! We have no doubt that what got us to this point is all of the above plus our faith in god and our deep, abiding love for each other!
UPDATE: Being a lover of words, I purchased a set of Healing Word Magnets (or you can shop here). This is what I found spelled out this morning by my dear husband:

pure gratitude
disease free
feel relief
grow new love
rest and mend

I really, really love you Dan. With all of my heart!

P.S. No more hospital food.


bockel24 said...

OMG, Vicki, you´ve had a hard time! I´m so happy to hear that good news finally. Just another reason to enjoy each and every day together.

cookievf said...

thanks, marion! as dan explains,
"everything tastes better - smells sweeter these days!" xo

Lorri said...

Oh my dear girlfriend (and Dan of course) I'm so sorry to have only just read this posting and happy also to hear the good news!! Roller Coaster rides are awful awful things sometimes, and I'm so happy that you are surviving it. I'm sending a virtual hug to both of you all the way from downunder
((((((VICKI & DAN))))
Stay positive, Lots of love and healing is coming your way.

Lost Aussie said...

I popped across after you left a comment on my blog and I just want to send you my heartfelt prayers and good wishes for your husband's recovery! Being strong of heart and mind counts for a lot!

Gaby Bee said...

I just read your post about your husband. I know what you and your family must be going through. I'm so glade to hear the good news. Best wishes for your husband's recovery!
I will keep you in my thoughts, my friend.


Aimeslee said...

So sad to hear about this trouble, but so thankful it has become a happier ending. Sending healing thoughts and Sumpsump on my blog for you...:-)

Lisa Renéa said...

I'm sending up all the positive wishes & prayers for both of you! Thanks for sharing your story and uplifting us all with your strength and courage! What a cutie your dh is, even when sick! Hang in there!
Thanks too for you beautiful words and well wishes for me. They mean so much! blessings to you, both.

Anonymous said...

Vicki...this is such a touching post. I am so glad to read that everything turned out well. Sending lots of hugs your way :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Vicki, your lives must have been upside down. So great to hear the positive news. Take good care of yourself!!!