01 December 2007

What Can I Do To Help?

Read how HIV can be prevented HERE!

Social networks are a powerful and effective way to show your support for World AIDS Day and help raise awareness of HIV among your friends and acquaintances. Whether you have 5 or 500 friends in your network, your words can have an impact on others -- and make a difference in the fight to stop the spread of HIV.

Here are some ways to join us and get talking in social networks:

  • Join the World AIDS Day MySpace page or Facebook group

  • Add the virtual red ribbon to your profile

  • Blog about World AIDS Day and how HIV can be prevented

  • Start your own World AIDS Day group

  • Send a MySpace bulletin or write on your Facebook wall asking your friends to support our campaigns and share their thoughts and experiences

  • Change your Facebook status or your MySpace quote to read "Today I'm talking about World AIDS Day" on 1 December

For more info and where you can get your OWN red ribbon go to World Aids Day

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