03 December 2007

Maiden Voyage into PS!

DH surprised me the other day. While upgrading my PC, he had to make a Staples* run for a new scanner and came back with with Photoshop Elements 6.0. !!!

I decided to post it for those of you that have not yet explored the digital world of collage and photo/image editing. I spent 5 hours last night on my VERY first attempt and then lost it! Now I am careful to SAVE! After another 3-4 hours tonight, voila!

Here is my very first collage using custom brushes (chinese chop used for both borders & "shadow-like" bumble bee).

*Staples is an office supply store in the US & elsewhere


Linda said...

That is gorgeous, a very good first try! I would love to get one of the photo shop programs, if only the economy one but am afraid that I will become obsessed with it. lol Hmmmm after seeing your collage maybe I'll take the chance. It looks like it is so much fun. Linda

cookievf said...

Thank you linda. So glad I could inspire and encourage you! xo