24 September 2007

Listen with your heart

"Never Too Late"

For where your treasure is,

there will your heart be also.

~ Luke 12:34

Have you shared a similar experience? Several years ago I began to notice an odd pattern. Digital clocks would often be at 12:34 when I glanced to check the time!

About two years ago, the subject came up with a few of my close friends. We were sharing odd or unique experiences and I mentioned my "relationship" with 12:34. Immediately, those instances began to increase. Normally I would consider it to be what I call "selective perception" however, I have a favorite aunt (90 years young) who firmly believes "There are NO COINCIDENCES!"

Anxious to understand more, I turned to a dear friend to see what she thought of all this! Her pearl of wisdom: lets look up the chapter and verse in the Bible. The one I wrote above is the line I selected WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT. It has held a special meaning for me, ever since.....

and I'm listening to my heart!


Lisa Renéa said...

Vickie! I was blown away by your beautiful post on my blog, today. How fabulous is it, that your small note, changed my entire day! Thank you for note only giving me a smile, but reading your blog has inspired me and gave me a bit of hope I needed, today. Bless You! I love the you-tube, post too--how fabulous. Thank you for sharing your art. Love it! Your blog is terrific, too!

Lucy said...

Wow--what an intersting post. You were meant to read that verse for some reason.....and everything does happen for a reason :)

Beautiful artwork!

kate said...

I agree with your aunt = there are no coincidences in life. Your 'Never too late' is wonderful ... did you use beeswax on it?

izabella said...

I don't believe in coincidences either....for example I just went to your flickr site & favorited 2 of your art cards, & then zipped over her to your blog and here are both of the art cards in your first posts!!

I felt "deepness" in both of these pieces~ you have inspired me!!

thank you for leaving that note on my blog as I needed a pick me up today~ ;)

xo!! ~Bella

Amy H. said...

Your artwork is beautiful but I loved the story behind it even more.

Aimeslee said...

Vicki, that has never happened to me that I know of, darnit. Maybe it was all those years working in accounting where I had to fill out a time sheet down to the nearest 15 minutes of what I worked on. I think I've looked at a clock way too much in my past! LOL

Love the ATC!

Aimes <3

Sheri said...

this is awsome! thanx for coming by my blog too... I love your blog!

Neda said...

What a lovely story...Serendipity and all. I LOVE this artpiece. Exquisite!

cookievf said...

We've all made such an amazing connection through our blogs. And it is because of the open & GIVING SPIRITS of people like all of you that we gain so much and G.R.O.W. so much!! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and more importantly to leave a part of yourself!

I'm feelin the love today!

- vicki xo

Paulette Insall said...

What a wonderful story and I too believe that everything happens for a reason! This passage is something I really need to hear right now....and it keeps popping up everywhere in different forms, but the still the same message. I think it's time I start listening! lol! :D Thanks so much Vicki for sharing this with us! xo

thealteredpage said...

Wonderful verse, story, and artwork. My numbers are different, but I have the same experience with "time."