18 September 2007

Distress Technique


A comment was made on my flickr site (link is to the right) that this looked as if I'd used a wax technique! Actually, I have YET to use the beeswax purchased a year ago. Here's how I achieved that effect.

Technique Described:

Begin with your favorite ATC "blank." I typically use an old playing card measuring 3.5" x 2.5." Careful since all cards do not have the same dimensions.
- add a layer of white gesso, dried
- orange distress ink, direct-to-paper
- using one of the many lovely intage images from art-e-zine I made a gel medium transfer. I decided to use the POSITIVE since the negative didn't leave enough of an image to be recognizable. Cut out and attached to the card with gel medium.
- turquoise acrylic ink applied with my fingertip
- layered some distressed-looking numbers
- added a halo by painting gesso on the bottom of a bottle of glue and stamping it
- finished with my favorite final effect, GLAZE!

Now go and be creative!


audrey h. said...

Love reading how you created this and I must say when I first saw it I also thought there was beeswaz used. This atc is fabulous!

p.s. hope you got my email okay. Have a great weekend...it's almost here :o)

zorana said...

It really does look like you used beeswax! Thanks for explaining the process. It's a lovely card! Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. xo

Aimeslee said...

Love the gesso, it's so fun, right? I have yet to use beeswax and really have no inclination, so how cool to have such a pretty "faux" piece. Hugs!

cookievf said...

Thank you ladies! And so great to hear from you, Aimes!

I love reading about HOW something was created so I try to do the same when I think it might be of interest. A faverite blog for tutorials is kelsey o'mullane's:


Check out 8/18 "Canvas Instructions!"

Tami said...


I love your Distress Technique ATC-it's awesome!! Thanks for sharing it. I love your blog too!


Mercedes said...

You do that It looks like so easy that I have to try. Thanks for the steps

Sheri said...

oooo this is awsome.. your art is wonderfull!

paru's_circle said...

cool, thats for the tutorial.. have you any more ideads for palying cards (without covering the whole card with gesso??) love gesso but like to leave a part of a playing card not gessoed.. is that possible?

Neda said...

You are a rare breed: creative and generous with your heart, time, and clear instructions. I am hooked!

Neda said...

You are a rare breed: creative and generous with your heart, time, and clear instructions. I am hooked!

Lorri said...

Go the Gesso - You Go Girl, fabulous :))