08 March 2013

Art Journaling My Pants Off!

my happy place

Although I fully intended to begin Volume II of my Book of Days* on January 1st, it seems my journal had a different plan! In a last-minute rush to complete Volume I at the end of December, something-? made me decide NOT to tear out the last few pages of my altered book and let things unfold, organically. 

8 single pages and 3 double-page spreads later..

I finished almost exactly at  MIDNIGHT on January 31st. Ha!

So on Feb 1st, I began another fabulous journey to lose myself and find myself, through art, by just LETTING GO  

* current Session #1 with Effy Wild ends march 31, next session #2 runs: 1 Jul - 30 Sep. For more info, check out  bookofdays.org. You can also sign up via her NING commuity, theglitterhood.org free of charge and discover all sorts of fabulous art journaling FUN!