10 September 2012

Been Too Long

This shot, taken in August, seems to sum things up perfectly. A lovely warm, summer glow has settled over me these last few months and I suppose that's why it's "been too long!"

- i've immersed myself in iphonography with instagram, hipstamatic, snapspeed, and a few more of those addicting photo APPS! Soooo, lots more photography to follow!

- we spent a blissfully perfect vacation with my extended family at the south jersey shore resort of Ocean City (see above)

- many productive hours spent in the summer studio, both in solitude and with friends!

- been to Fenway Park a couple times and go again in a few weeks!

- my husband and i celebrated 22 years of wedded BLISS <3>

- lots of lazy days making art while my honey makes music in one of three bands (2nd from right, lead guitar)

- and my morning walks, as well as lots of other wonderful things, have inspired me to begin writing poetry again.

All is well, in my little corner of the world and i hope the same goes for you, my friend! 


Introverted Art said...

OMG I am so glad to see you back! I can see you have kept real busy but glad you haven't left.

Donna@soakinginmustard.com said...

woohoo, I found your luscious blog. I love what I see already & can't wait to explore some more!